Statement on IKEA promoting Lawrence Khong

Rainbow Parents SG is a support group formed by LGBTQ fathers and mothers. Our children are being lovingly raised in blended families and families with single or same-sex parents. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and hope that our families will not be discriminated against simply because we are a minority.

International big brands like IKEA have clout in shaping social attitudes. We are extremely disappointed that IKEA has decided to support entities that discriminate LGBTQ people in Singapore. IKEA has a global pro-equality policy and it is perplexing why it would make such a poor choice in supporting Lawrence Khong and his projects.

Lawrence Khong has been vocal about his anti-LGBTQ stance, calling thousands of his church believers to perpetuate discrimination against LGBT persons by pressuring government policy and law making. He has also denied maternity benefits to an ex-employee undergoing divorce. Lawrence Khong’s track record has shown that he actively persecutes individuals who do not fall within his ideals of family.

It is deeply unfortunate that the Singapore government has chosen not to repeal archaic discriminatory laws and policy, but socially-conscious businesses should not perpetuate hate by supporting people who actively discriminate against LGBTQ people. LGBTQ people and their families are not officially recognised as part of Singapore’s society. They and their children are at higher risk of being discriminated, bullied and ostracized. It is therefore imperative that big corporations take a stand against such hate and discrimination concealed under the guise of religious morality which have no place in this day and age.

We hope that IKEA Singapore will remain aligned with IKEA’s global pro-equality policy by withdrawing its promotion of Lawrence Khong and stop supporting groups or individuals who discriminate against LGBTQ people and their families.