Can LGBTQ persons become parents? 

Absolutely! We know of many mummies and daddies who are in loving relationships with their partners and raising children together. We also know of single mummies and daddies who are doing the same.


 Is it expensive to have children as an LGBTQ person in Singapore?

We are not gonna lie – buying sperm/egg, artificial insemination, surrogacy and adoption services all cost money. However, you can have some time to save up if you plan ahead. So even if you don’t intend to have children now, but are thinking of the distant possibility in the future, it is good to know your options. It is also about making lifestyle choices that will make raising children affordable for your family.


I am worried that my children will be subjected to bullying and ridicule as they grow up. Is it fair to them?

Children get teased for everything and having gay parents will not be the only reason for that. However, there are steps you can take to make this easier for your children.

–    Ensure that childcare and education providers are gay friendly and have clear policies about homophobic bullying.

–    Encourage your children to stand up for themselves and speak up against bullying behaviour.

–    Meet other LGBTQ parents with kids so that the children can meet other children with similar experiences and know that they are not alone.


Is it possible to raise children in Singapore while being in the closet?

It is a very personal choice whether to come out as gay parents. Do consider various factors before making your decisions. Do you intend to be closeted forever? Do you intend to tell your children of your relationship status but expect them to keep it a secret from others?

If you intend to come out as a gay parent but find it challenging, do write to us at JoinUs@RainbowParents.Sg


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