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We all agree that education is very important, so how do we pick the right schools for our children? To find out more, click the links below.

International Schools

It is generally not possible for Singaporean children to attend international schools. However, if the child is not Singaporean, there is the option of sending the child to one of the international schools where the environment may be more LGBTQ friendly. International schools are generally a lot more expensive than local schools and the entry criteria is quite high. There are also long waiting lists at these schools, so if this is the preferred option, it is best to put the child down on the waiting list as early as possible.  

Local Schools

Children of LGBTQ parents in Singapore are eligible to enrol in local schools just like all children. The level of subsidies they are provided will depend on their residency status. The key to selecting the right school will be dependent on a variety of factors. The more important ones are whether the school's principal has a no discrimination policy and whether the child is comfortable in the school environment. Being open with the school will help the child in developing confidence with regards to their alternative family structure. While the non-biological partner may not be seen as a legal parent, it is [...]