Thailand is now Asia’s surrogate country of choice since India closed its doors to gay couples in January 2013.

Bangkok has a booming surrogacy industry with 35% of intending parents being gay men. However, there are some important laws that need to be noted. The most important law is that the surrogate mother must have her name on the child’s birth certificate. She is also the legal guardian, as a child born out of wedlock is deemed to be the legitimate child of the mother. The father has no parental rights, even if he is listed on the birth certificate. Therefore it is important to ensure the surrogate mother agrees to relinquish all rights to the child after birth.

The average cost of surrogacy in Bangkok is US$40,000, cheaper by half from United States and the proximity to Singapore makes it a more attractive choice for Singaporeans.


  1. Make sure that the surrogate enters into a contract outlining her intent to allow the child to be adopted by the biological sperm donor – the father listed on the birth certificate.
  2. Be prepared to be in Thailand for around 3 to 4 weeks after the birth of the child as that is how long it takes for the child to get a birth certificate and a passport.