Getting Pregnant

It is not possible to get medically assisted fertility treatment in Singapore due to the current laws – Women need their husband’s consent to obtain fertility treatment. However, there are a variety of options available to get pregnant.

At home insemination

One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways is to find a sperm donor, get a syringe/turkey baster and start trying!


  1. Do set the expectations with the sperm donor right from the beginning. It helps to get a contract written out and signed so that all parties involved are clear on the boundaries. Some view sperm donors as part of the family and welcome co-parenting. Others prefer minimal contact. Make sure you get a donor that wants what you want to prevent unnecessary complication in the child’s life in future.
  2. Do get the necessary HIV and STDs tests done 6 months apart to ensure the donor is disease free.


Medically assisted insemination

While this cannot be done in Singapore for single women, you can travel to a few countries to do it. Some of the popular choices are Thailand, Taiwan and United States.

There are 2 types of medically assisted insemination available – the lesser known IntraUterine Insemination (IUI) and the more commonly known Invitro Fertilization (IVF)

IUI is a method whereby washed sperm is taken and put into the uterus using catheter. The success rate for IUI is around 5 to 20%. The success rates are significantly increased if the period cycle is closely monitored and fertility drugs are used prior to the procedure. This is a simpler procedure and thus is the cheaper of the two options.

IVF is a method whereby eggs are extracted from the ovaries and mixed with sperm to form embryos. These are then taken and transplanted into the uterus. The success rate for IVF is between 15 to 40%. A lot of it depends on the age of the mother and quality of the eggs retrieved. This is a more complex procedure and is generally between 8 to 10 times more expensive than IUI.

For both methods you can purchase sperm from sperm banks and get it sent to the hospital of your choice. Some countries have local sperm banks, others such as Thailand, allow you to purchase sperm from overseas and ship it into the country.


  1. Do be financially prepared as medically assisted insemination can be fairly costly. It is good to keep in mind the costs of travel to the foreign country, accommodation and fees for the procedure.
  2. It is possible to get some preparation tests done in Singapore and only head overseas to get the actual procedure done. This can save some time and money.
  3. There are a variety of sperm banks available, so do research beforehand and pick a bank with a good range of donor profiles that are close to what you require.